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Making Spirits Bright

Making Spirits Bright


Bittered Sling’s “Global Flavours” include six of their award-winning line up, aimed at
inspiring professional and home bartenders with creative flavours

LONDON, UK (Dec. 05, 2017) — Just in time for holiday gifting, Bittered Sling Bitters is delighted to announce their Global Flavours collection of award-winning cocktail bitters is set to release to bars and retail across the United Kingdom.

The result of a working relationship between Bittered Sling and Marussia Beverages — the UK’s premier fine wine & spirits importer — the Global Flavours line-up is now available for purchase across the region. The Bittered Sling Global Flavours line-up – a selection of their most popular flavours – includes the following 6 x 120mL aromatic bitters:

Grapefruit & Hops: Bright and vibrant fresh grapefruit skins meets floral, herbaceous and bitter Lillooet hops, soft South Asian peppercorns and bitter cinchona bark. Hop flowers are grown and harvested in British Columbia. Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) International Review of Spirits Award: Silver Medal (2014).

Lem-Marrakech: Travel on a powerful flavour journey through the smoky-sweet medina of Marrakech, Morocco. Bright lemon zest, nutty and floral notes of coriander seed, fiery cinnamon and cumin, mint, fennel and black peppercorn.

Plum & Rootbeer: An Ayurveda-inspired blend of barks and roots, with a palate of warm spices, nostalgic “soda fountain” aromatics, with a touch of prune plums. Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) International Review of Spirits Award: Silver Medal (2014).

Moondog Latin: Smoky, Latin American-inspired, savoury and spicy, the Moondog Latin lifts any oak-matured spirit, with nots of dried aromatic chilies, lime leaves, wild oregano and smoked black peppercorns.

Malagasy Chocolate: Harvested from the far reached of the Madagascar cacao plantations, and roasted at Vancouver’s East Van Roasters, the intensely rich Madagascar cacao beans evoke notes of dark cacao, elegant floral bouquet, rolled cigar and a palate of warm spices. Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal (2014).

Kensington Aromatic: Inspired by and named for the vibrant, storied and diverse neighbourhood in Toronto renowned for its historic market district and Asian community, this is a classically-inspired blend of herbs, barks, roots and spices. The Kensington Aromatic is a revelation in a “classic cure-all bitters” – bone dry, and richly-flavoured. Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal (2014).

“We’re thrilled to bring these unique bitters across the Atlantic for the first time,” says Bittered Sling Bitters co-proprietor and operations manager, chef Jonathan Chovancek, who teamed with co-proprietor and internationally acclaimed bartender Lauren Mote to custom design each flavour back in 2010. “We are excited to work with the professional and the home bartender to encourage better drinking, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to start this new chapter in the Bittered Sling family overseas.” 

Black Gift Pack

The Bittered Sling line-up of 120mL bottles are now available for purchase through Marussia Beverages UK for distribution, wholesale, and retail queries.

Also available, the Bittered Sling Global Flavours Gift Pack, which contains 6 x 30mL bottles, including Grapefruit & Hops, Lem-Marrakech, Plum & Rootbeer, Moondog Latin, Malagasy Chocolate, and Kensington Aromatic.

ABOUT BITTERED SLING BITTERS | Established in 2010, Bittered Sling celebrates the collaboration of mixologist/sommelier Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek, who together bring a combined 30+ years of professional experience, knowledge and innovation to the international food and beverage industry. Their line of high-quality, small-batch bitters and extracts provides palate, plate and potion alike with a subtle-yet-exciting fusion of homegrown ingredients and flavours. Originally marketed as a medicinal tonic, bitters are a concentration of select natural herbs, fruits and spices and are an indispensible tool of any bartender as well as a flavouring agent for cocktail and culinary creations both savoury and sweet. The hallmark of Bittered Sling’s ethos surrounds their ingredient sourcing and production methods. Produced in the North Okanagan Valley, British Columbia – Bittered Sling’s base spirit is made exclusively from unwanted orchard and wine country fruit (ugly fruit). The Bittered Sling line-up contains no added sugar, colouring or essences, and uses only whole botanicals, fruit, flowers and bittering agents for their flavour profiles. Their manufacturing and packaging facility is regulated by the Canadian Federal Government, HASSAP approved, and allergen-free. Bittered Sling is proudly manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. | +1 (604) 773 6977

ABOUT MARUSSIA BEVERAGES | Marussia Beverages UK are importers and distributors of the finest spirits from around the world. Since 1984 they have been sourcing superb tasting and interesting premium spirits, with provenance to share with you and your customers. We are fascinated by the world of spirits and the artisans who work tirelessly to produce them. As well as a superb range of spirits to choose from, Marussia Beverages also provides full product training and support. This includes training sessions for staff, product demonstrations and tastings on site, POS support and a dedicated Business Development Manager. The close relationships they have built up with their producers means they know precisely how each product is made and regularly visit the distilleries and breweries. Opportunities to visit our producers are often available, so you too could see the skill which goes into making their artisanal spirits. | +44 (0) 20 7724 5009